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Why IBrands Launched Its Own Service to Streamline Logistics


Remcoda Express was born out of a supply chain crisis and its successes are just another example of how shippers across industries are revamping their logistics strategies. The company is the freight and logistics arm of IBrands Global, which has a portfolio of [...]

Why IBrands Launched Its Own Service to Streamline Logistics2022-07-20T15:01:30+00:00

IBrands Global Names New CFO


Seasoned fashion executive Carmine Pappagallo has joined IBrands Global as chief financial officer. The family-owned and -operated global supply chain platform is new terrain for the professional. In addition to fashion brands, the conglomerate works in the health and wellness and food industries. [...]


IBrands Global Names New CFO2022-03-24T05:53:24+00:00

Interview With Remy Garson


We love to make products and build our brands As one of the world’s leading supply chain platforms and lifestyle brand collectives, IBrands builds brands of distinction. The company creates value by delivering product solutions in a disruptive and ever-changing landscape. CEO Remy Garson speaks to Shilpi Panjabi about the business divisions, recent acquisition, supply chain, etc. [...]


Interview With Remy Garson2022-03-24T05:50:32+00:00

3 Ways the Food Industry Can Survive Supply Chain Disruptions


Focusing on a diversified supply chain, understanding how to optimize logistics and investing in stock can help businesses stay afloat in this volatile climate. Renewed lockdowns are placing increased pressure on supply chains and no industry is safe. From congested ports to labor and raw material shortages [...]

Cole GarsonAuthor

3 Ways the Food Industry Can Survive Supply Chain Disruptions2022-03-08T21:21:10+00:00


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