In this update from Cole Garson our COO, he shares highlights from his latest trip to China alongside Marc Garson our Founder and Chairman.

This 8 city manufacturing tour has provided invaluable insight into improving our overseas supply chain.


Our journey started in Shanghai, where we met with important partners. Despite some initial hurdles, we managed to secure ongoing allocation of key supplies, such as vinyl containers. We learned the importance of cautious skepticism and loyal, meaningful relationships.  


In Kunshan, we established a partnership with a small and aggressive, quality-obsessed plant. We met, dined and conversed with the mutual focus on value (the intersection of quality and price). We were left compelled to make a significant investment in exclusively securing the supply chain for our customers.  


Next, we went to Heze, where we expanded our network. Flexibility, thousands of miles away, helped us establish new direct relationships eager with an eagerness to grow. This showed us the importance of being resourceful. 


In Shijiazhuang, we visited our new Toilet Seat Cover plant and a prospective partner.  Here we strategized and scouted for opportunity. Our trip up north was about looking around corners and building for the future.   


In Guangzhou, we did diligence around regulatory red tape. We fielded impressive offers from potential partners and charted a path forward. We’re cautiously optimistic about collaborating if our requirements are met.  


In Taizhou, we met with a partner of tremendous strength. While initially less motivated, due to an oversaturated market presence, we carved out a defensible niche and were made aware of a real desire for our support. Meeting again in person changed the trajectory of this partnership, which we quickly supported with long-term business.  


In Wenzhou, we visited our 1 million square foot state-of-the-art, eco-friendly, food service factory. We discussed the expansion of 2 new buildings in Southeast Asia and the United States. We discussed our pipeline in the hospitality and airline industry and checked on our production.    


Finally, we visited Beijing to execute a large-scale transaction and secure allocation on the supply that has been causing fits, nitrile gloves. This substrate was the talk of china over our 14- day journey. Plants were shut down. Regulations were tightened. Overstocks were down. Supply was down. Raw material prices were up. Panic was growing demand.  We spent 4 days, took in the sights, and took care of business. We made an activist deal that will continue to deliver below market rates with vast allocation for years to come.  

There is no substitute for in-person visits. The learnings are vast when the visits are made. This trip was arduous and ever-changing, but it kept Remcoda and Bluzen out ahead of the curve. 


If you would like to hear Cole share about his trip first hand, checkout our latest episode of The Supply Chain Standard podcast.