At Remcoda, we are passionate advocates of sustainability and environmental responsibility. Today, we want to shine a light on Starbucks, a global leader in the coffee industry, and commend them for their unwavering commitment to sustainability. In this blog, we will applaud Starbucks for their remarkable efforts in the realm of sustainability and explore how their mission aligns with Remcoda’s values.

Starbucks’ Path to a Planet Positive Future

In 2020, Starbucks made a bold pledge to become a resource-positive company, a commitment that resonates deeply with our core values. Starbucks’ vision is to store more carbon than they emit, eliminate waste, and replenish more freshwater than they use. This remarkable commitment mirrors their overarching mission and values, which prioritize sustainability and responsible practices. During the 2020 Biennial Investor Day, Starbucks’ CEO, Kevin Johnson, reaffirmed their dedication to a planet-positive future, formalizing their 2030 environmental goals:

Carbon: Starbucks has set out to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50% in their direct operations and value and supply chain.

Water: Half of the water withdrawal for global operations, packaging, and the agricultural supply chain will be conserved or replenished.

Waste: Starbucks is on a mission to slash waste sent to landfills by 50%, driven by a shift towards a circular economy.

These goals are not just empty promises; they are rooted in science, grounded in Starbucks’ mission and values, and substantiated by market research and trials. Starbucks has already taken concrete steps since January to turn these goals into reality, such as expanding their plant-based menu options and adopting more sustainable cups and lids.

Diverse Renewable Energy Portfolio

To reduce their carbon footprint, Starbucks has been sourcing 100% renewable energy for their company-operated stores in the U.S., Canada, and EMEA since 2015. The company has also been investing in renewable energy projects, including solar farms and wind projects. Starbucks’ commitment to renewable energy extends to their entire supply chain, making a significant contribution to a more sustainable future.

Sustainable Coffee

Coffee is at the heart of Starbucks’ business, and they are unwavering in their commitment to ensuring a sustainable future for coffee farmers. Starbucks has donated nearly 50 million coffee trees resistant to coffee rust diseases and launched initiatives to reduce water usage in coffee processing. They’ve increased their Global Farmer Fund to $100 million, enabling coffee growers to renovate and strengthen their farms sustainably. These efforts demonstrate Starbucks’ commitment to making coffee production more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Sustainably Sourced Dairy

Starbucks isn’t limiting their sustainability efforts to coffee; they are also taking steps to ensure their dairy products are produced under high-quality and ethical standards. They’ve joined the Dairy Net Zero Initiative, with a goal to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions and improve water quality on farms. Starbucks also supports the Farm Powered Strategic Alliance, repurposing food waste into renewable energy via farm-based anaerobic digesters. These initiatives support regenerative agriculture practices and contribute to a low-carbon economy.

Introducing Oatmilk in the U.S.

Plant-based options are gaining popularity, and Starbucks is staying ahead of the curve. They plan to introduce oatmilk in all U.S. stores, responding to the growing customer interest in plant-based foods. This move is part of Starbucks’ strategy to provide more environmentally friendly menu choices, promoting sustainability and reducing their carbon footprint.

Remcoda’s Alignment with Starbucks’ Mission

At Remcoda, we wholeheartedly align with Starbucks’ vision for a more sustainable future. We applaud Starbucks for their unwavering dedication to a planet-positive future. Starbucks’ efforts to reduce their carbon, water, and waste footprints resonate with Remcoda’s commitment to environmental responsibility. That’s why we’re proud to introduce Remcoda’s plastic-free hot cup – a tangible embodiment of our shared commitment to sustainability. Join us in taking a step towards a more sustainable world with Remcoda’s plastic-free hot cup.

Starbucks is leading the way in the coffee industry with its bold and comprehensive sustainability initiatives. Their 2030 environmental goals are not just words on paper but a testament to their commitment to making the world a better place. As they work towards reducing their carbon, water, and waste footprints, they set an example for businesses worldwide. Remcoda, like Starbucks, is dedicated to creating a more sustainable future, and together, we demonstrate that progress towards a planet-positive future is not just a dream but an attainable goal. We salute Starbucks for their inspiring efforts and look forward to a more sustainable and environmentally responsible world.